“New vision “

Since its establishment in 2002, NVMC has been working with PMU on several projects, with a goal of using media to serve all Palestinians by producing television programs that touch the needs of vulnerable groups, especially women and children, by monitoring human rights violations towards them. Over the years, NVMC has established a wide network of more than 90  municipalities, official governmental  bodies and  civil society organizations, in order to acquire sources of information and get to know human stories that contribute to convey the truth through heroes.

In 2005, the Centre started to produce talk shows with a running time of 50 minutes that were broadcast on local stations. In 2011, the look of the program became more engaging by hosting vulnerable groups in a form of production that encourages freedom of speech, achieves interaction and debate with officials and specialists in human rights. The talk shows were broadcast on satellite stations.

With the advancement of technology, the use of the many different social media platforms and the need to develop to be more appealing to popular taste, the look of the TV shows has changed from 50 minute talk shows to ten minute videos that are posted online on the official website of the Centre, as well as different social media sites.


  • To be a platform for voiceless and marginalized people, with main aim for a better life and future for all the Palestinian people.

  • To increase knowledge and spread awareness among Palestinian community about human rights and democratic values and gender equality.

  • To push Community leaders and Palestinian authorities put pressure to implement new laws related to women, children and people with disabilities and elderly rights.


  • Authorities and decision makers are taking more responsibilities towards women and children rights.

  • CS institutions have increased their work to empower women and children rights.

  • Palestinian community change attitudes and behaviours regarding family in the areas of relationships, Women and children rights, reduce abuse in the society, gender quality.

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