The New Media Vision Center (NMVC) was established in 2002, as an integral part of the Bethlehem Bible College (Beth.BC).

The BETH.BC had been established in 1979 through the vision of Dr. Bishara Awad, who saw the need to train Christian leaders locally in order to stem the exodus of the population due to the adverse political situation.

The New Vision Media Center was inspired by Dr. Bishara, the then President of the Bethlehem Bible College, who saw a need to bring hope and encouragement to the Palestinian people. He saw that a Media training program, within the context of the Bible College, could provide a way of developing skills, providing employment and a means of using media to promote a better society.

In January 2003 the first Media Training Project began. Fourteen students joined the two-year program, graduating in 2005. In April 2005, five of the graduates from the Media Training Program were hired to prepare and develop the center. A decision was made to produce a one-hour television program, to be broadcast every week on a local television station in Bethlehem. The program would include subjects such as human rights, democracy, health, environment and local initiatives. The Center expanded and became client-based, involved with producing film or audio according to the client.

Since 2005, to the present day, we have conducted seven diploma courses, and enrolled over 100 students.  These graduates have mainly entered gainful employment in different fields – such as private and governmental sectors.  Examples of employment include: film editors and producers; TV hosts; camera operators; work in theater; work in local radio and TV; and some people have even opened their own businesses.

The Team

Shireen Awwad Hilal: Director of Community and Development Outreach.

Ala Salem Khoury: Production Manager.

Nidal George Al Atrash: Camera Man and Editor.

Daoud Nabil Baboun: Camera Man and Editor.

 Salam Yacoub Qumsieh: Project Officer.